Jonathan Jelkin

motion graphics artist, visual effects artist, editor


The Flystyle was a pitch piece for a reality tv show based around paragliding, skydiving, and base jumping. I handled all elements of the pitch from the production to the graphics to the sound. Below is the quick 1min teaser.

Vitas Gerulaitis

In a sport brimming with compelling personalities, few shined brighter than Vitas Gerulaitis. Tennis Channel’s Signature Series: Vitas Gerulaitis casts the spotlight on a man who touched lives and hearts in ways at once generous and engaging. Dubbed the Joe Namath of tennis, “Broadway Vitas” occupied the red-hot center of tennis’ boom years of the ’70s, standing front and center alongside such superstars as Jimmy Connors, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg and Ilie Nastase, each of whom was a close friend of Gerulaitis. Ranked as high as number three in the world, off the court Gerulaitis was second to none, burning the candle at all ends, marching in lockstep with Andy Warhol and the world of Studio 54. By day he gave his heart to his sport and pioneered the notion of using tennis as a way to make a difference in the world. Gerulaitis’ life is an incredible story, a tale of rise and fall, redemption and tragedy – and most of all, one man’s remarkable zest.

Editing by Jonathan Jelkin and Seth Shapiro.

[qt:/video/ 720 405]

Loaded Boards – Bhangra

The latest video for Loaded Carving Systems is Of Troglodytes and Men. Dane Weber and Adam Stokowski are explorers traveling the desert when they come across mountain man Adam Colton who shows them the dancing of his people. The explorers then take Adam back with them to show him the modern world. Directed and edited by Jonathan Jelkin.

[qt:/video/ 720 405]

Windows 7

Some screen replacement and little fixes in this fun commercial from director Josh Soskin.

[qt:/video/ 960 540]

Devils Due

From the guys at Radio Silence comes their first full length feature. Lots of invisible work with monitor replacements and camera removal and cleanup. Then we get crazy deciding to destroy a house in post for the finale. Tons of tracking, adding cracking walls, exploding dust elements, belly wounds, and glowing babies! I was part of a small team of VFX artists for this film. Check out our VFX breakdown from Post Mango below.

Left Behind

Left Behind is VFX heavy with over 700 vfx shots. Lots of greescreen, matte painting, and 3d comping. Check out the trailer below. I served on a team of VFX artists for this one.

Careful What You Wish For

Careful what you wish required some invisible VFX work. Basic cleanup, some cosmetic touch ups on the actors, and some additional police units in the finale. I was part of a two man team on this one.

Careful what you wish for

That Awkward Moment

I got to handle 90% of the VFX work on That Awkward Moment. Lots of retiming scenes for comedic effect and blending between takes. Some tracking and cleanup as well. But you’ll never know! All invisible effects for this one. Trailer below.